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How To Use Trello For Task Management

If you're struggling to say organised and on top of your workload, Trello could be the answer. Here's how to use Trello for task management.
How To Use Trello For Task Management

Why use Trello for task management?

Trello follows the Kanban workflow which organises cards into columns on a board.

For simple task management you’ll start with a 3 column layout:

  1. To Do
  2. Doing
  3. Done

and then organise the cards visually based on what stage your tasks are at in the process.

It’s not just a to-do list though.

Trello is highly visual, intuitive and tactile way of managing your tasks. You can prioritise, include contributors and add notes, links, categories and integrations (called “Power-Ups“) which enhance functionality and automation. Trello Power-ups turn each card into a living app.

You start by setting up teams which are basically the groups under which you want your boards to sit. For example, I’ve set up boards for:

  • Content calendar
  • Career
  • Fitness
  • Personal development
  • Bucket list

I can invite people to be part of a team or just share individual boards (great when you’re planning holidays. I organised my last ski trip with friends on Trello and it was an awesome way to collaborate).

Trello has helped me stay organised and manage everything from strategic account plans and sales opportunities to task management. You can grab my Getting Things Done Template for free.

Task management on Trello looks just as good on your smartphone or tablet and synchronises seamlessly with apps for iPhone and Android. It also works great offline which is a feature recently introduce and that I love. You don’t need a signal to stay organised

Oh, did I mention Trello is FREE?

Of course, there are upgrades but the freebie plan is pretty amazing. I needed to squeeze a little more from Trello so I upgraded to a standard plan but even that’s a steal at $5 a month.

What can key account managers use Trello for?
So here’s some things I’ve used Trello for in the past to help me stay on track.

  • Daily planning and task management – staying on top of my to-do lists.
  • Product upsell opportunities – mapping products to clients so I know what I need to sell to who.
  • Client retention funnel – all my clients and their contract expiry dates, categorised by likelihood to retain. I can then map out my retention strategy.
  • Strategic account plan – client facing board to track all the strategies and the value delivered to my clients during the year.
  • Bugs and issue escalations – any problems that come my way I can track.
  • Hyper-care plans – both for new client implementations or for clients having problems – a plan to ensure everything is on track and stays that way.

I’ve created a simple Strategic Account Plan board in Trello that will get you started. I’ll define the board over time so if you want to unlock the link please share, like or follow and it’s all yours.

Get inspired by these Trello boards

Trello has put together a collection of boards to inspire new and creative uses of Trello in both your personal and work life. All of these boards can be copied and used as a jumping off point for projects of your own. Here are a few of my favourites.

Final thoughts

So if you want to control the day and not have the day control you, then I can’t recommend Trello enough. It’s free, fun and highly customisable, so please do check it out.


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